Season of Cambodia (SOC) is a platform for presenting Cambodian arts and culture to international and national audiences. 

SOC was initiated by Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) in 2012, with a mission to illuminate and to advance Cambodian arts and culture, driving international support and attention to the creativity and diversity of cultural expressions in Cambodia today.


Cambodia has a long and rich cultural history, which was abruptly disrupted by the Khmer Rouge regime. An estimated 90% of the country's artists perished between 1975 and 1979. 

Since the end of the conflict, there have been sustained efforts from the national and international community to revive, preserve, and develop the country's arts and culture. The goal of SOC is to showcase the successes of this work, and to develop global awareness and understanding of both the history and the present-day situation of arts and culture from Cambodia.

Our approach

SOC is committed to presenting Cambodian arts and culture with integrity. The platform exists to present high quality, cross-disciplinary work from Cambodia, and to provide context and understanding by accompanying arts programming with humanities events and discussions. 

SOC projects

The SOC platform is a brand of Cambodian Living Arts, but is designed to support the wider arts community and offer exposure to both established and upcoming artists. For these reasons, SOC projects will always:

  • Include two or more contributors from Cambodia
  • Feature multiple, diverse pieces of content
  • Aim to reach both international and national audiences
  • Include dialogue around the programming, through humanities events
  • Open opportunities to develop and grow funding sources for Cambodian arts

SOC projects can be presented anywhere in the world, and can be physical or virtual events. What is important is that they serve the mission: to illuminate and advance the arts sector.

Support SOC

If you would like to support SOC, please contact CLA via:

Donations to SOC can be made directly to the current SOC project, or to the CLA 'Vision Fund'. We are currently growing this fund, and from 2017 aim to begin running an annual small grants program to support local arts. In this way, the SOC platform will continue to give back to the community and serve the development of a vibrant and dynamic arts sector in Cambodia.