In the last decade, the dialogue among Cambodian artists has shifted. While artists such as revered painter Vann Nath dedicated themselves to acts of remembrance and preserving the past, visual artists today engage in a dialogue about what Cambodia is now. The Season of Cambodia visual arts offerings include the IN RESIDENCE program, which engages one curator and ten artists in two-months residencies and public programs. Exhibitions will feature the extraordinary rattan sculptures of Sopheap Pich and an intriguing show juxtaposing the works of Vann Nath with artist Séra.


IN RESIDENCE is a citywide visual arts program that centers the curatorial on artistic practice through 2-month residencies for ten contemporary artists and one curator, alongside singular exhibitions and transdisciplinary public programs across 15 New York City arts institutions. By extending the artists’ practices as ways of generating and reflecting both experience and knowledge, IN RESIDENCE offers audiences new perspectives on Cambodia’s history and contemporaneity. In the past decade, Cambodia’s local and diaspora visual artists have been responsible for anchoring critical first-person interpretations of their histories from multiple angles, while responding to current urban and cultural change. Selected artists were born between 1970 and 1987, either during the U.S. military bombing campaign, the Khmer Rouge era, or Vietnamese occupation, and work across a range of mediums including drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video, and performance. IN RESIDENCE signature program is an unprecedented academic symposium: Contemporary Art in Cambodia: A Historical Inquiry co-organized with Cornell University at the Museum of Modern Art.


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